Judy Anderson Hamby was nominated for Life Membership in the DuVal Family Association and the members in attendance at the 2005 Reunion in Richmond, Virginia voted and approved the nomination!

The following is Judy’s response:

Dear Cousins,

Thank you VERY much for electing me to Life Membership in the DuVal Family Association. I am very very pleased! I do wish I could join you in Nashville this year: however, as you might already know, I have a condition known as Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and had a shunt implanted in my brain in June, 2005. The distal catheter is causing some problems which only surgery will correct. And, I have another surgery scheduled for May 8.

I am pleased to be able to continue as your Librarian. A list of books available to send to you is on the MyFamily site. Other books on this site are the “”DuVals of Kentucky from Virginia” by Margaret Buchanan, “The DuVal Family of Virginia” by Bessie Grabowskii, “A Family History” by Mildred King Whitten.and “The Duval Family from France to Texas” by Michele Ule.

Thank you again dear cousins. This is indeed an honor I will cherish. You have all made me feel very special.


(Judith Anderson Hamby)

P.S. I am attaching a picture of me with our Bull Terrier, Rob Roy. Unfortunately we lost Robby to bone cancer two years ago. We now have his niece, Sweetpea.

Judy Anderson Hamby